Dark Sun: Praetor

The Story So Far
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Preface to the Journal of Praetor of Kar Jerrek

“It occurred to me that those who look back upon the rise of Kar Jerrek would benefit from a record of how exactly he rose and came to power. This is my private journal, from which such a record would be inspired but not directly produced, since the intimate and forthright details contained herein may not be suitable for proper public revelation.

If you are not authorized to read this journal or have come into possession by any other means than by the direct authority of Praetor Kar Jerrek, deliver it to him by the most expeditious means available. There are rewards for being a friend and those who become enemies of Kar Jerrek are not his enemies for long…"

1st of Sorrow, Season of the High Sun, Year of Priests Defiance, 190th King’s Age
Jerrek Family Estate, Balic

“The Praetorial election results have come in and they’ve locked the bailiffs away to tally the votes. They’ll announce them at dawn. Here’s hoping our hard work pays off and I beat the worthless incumbent Livius Marnus.”

2nd of Sorrow
Dephnical Family Estate, Balic

“I lost the election to the Praetorship. This is obvious evidence of the corruption of the system and, simultaneously, my inability to properly leverage it. Lord Dephnical spent a small fortune on the appropriate bribes, feasts, public appearances, private discussions, meetings with Praetors and election officials, and more. Losing the Praetorship relieves me of any means of repaying him. I despise being beholden to anyone, especially someone who knows how to leverage debts as well as he does.

In the discussion we just finished, Dephnical suggested I meet an acquaintance of his that has helped him resolve certain issues in the past. We may be able to utilize this man.

Something needs to be done."


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