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The world of Athas is a blasted wasteland low on water, resources, and hope. Life for humanoids means scavenging in the wasteland, being a slave, or living inside the walls of small yet densely-packed city-states under the rule of an oppressive leader called a Sorcerer King.

Heroes are rare on Athas. Those that exist tend to live short, if exciting lives.


Arcane magic is responsible for Athas being the way it is today. The world was once green and full of life, but a great event took place where magic went wild and unchecked, causing an apocalypse. Now what little life there is left exists to fuel the magics of the remaining arcane spellcasters, commonly called defilers.


The most commerce-oriented and welcoming of outsiders is the city-state of Balic. Balic lies at the south-eastern edge of the Tablelands at the mouth of the Silt Estuary of the Forked Tongue. It is highly accessible and serves as a central trade hub for most of the rest of the area.

Balic is ruled by the sorcerer king Dictator Andropinis. He claims that he was elected dictator-for-life by the ancestors of Balic, and no one will refute this claim. Serving beneath Andropinis are his Praetors – elected officials that carry his will to the people.


The Praetors of Balic serve Andropinis, but are elected by the people. They serve 10 year terms, during which they are given a bit of Andropinis’ godlike power and are expected to deal with all civic concerns about the city. Civic concerns may include passing and enforcing laws, dealing with disputes, and battling the enemies of the state-from within and without.

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